VoIPowering your Office with Asterisk´┐ŻBuilding a Test Lab, Part 2

by Carla Schroder

By the end of this episode, your test system will be up and running and you'll be making calls.

In Part 1 (now revised) we got as far as installing Asterisk@Home on our test server, changing the root password, and hooking up our little test LAN. Today we'll change the Asterisk Maintenance Portal (AMP) password, perform echo tests, and test local calling and voicemail. (Note: In this article, the IP address of the Asterisk@Home test server will be You will need to substitute your own IP address.)

Changing the AMP Password
Asterisk@Home comes with a handy script for changing the default AMP password, which is "password." Log into the server as root, then run this command:

# passwd-maint
Set password for AMP web GUI and maint GUI
User: maint

New password:
Re-type new password:
Updating password for user maint

Starting and Stopping Asterisk@Home
To shutdown or reboot the server, fire up AMP and click the Maintenance command. You'll see the server status