Podcast: Google Makes its Unified Communications Play

by Carl Weinschenk

The company doesn't throw the term around, but many of the moves Google has made during the past few years are aimed at unified communications and collaboration.  Frost & Sullivan analyst Doroto Oviedo tells Site Editor Carl Weinschenk that the company is aiming squarely at the SMB market.

Dorota Oviedo on Google's UC Play: [swf file="http://vid.itbe.com/ctoedge/ucegoogleaug27f.mp3"]

 There are a few companies who get everone's attention when they move on an industry segment. Cisco is one. Microsoft is another. A third member of that group, Google, is going after UC. Recently, Dorota Oviedo, industry analyst for Frost & Sullivan's Unified Communicatioins & Collaboration Group, released research on the company's UC initiatives.

The difference between this and many other industry initaitves is that Google -- which appears to be aiming squarely at the small- and medium-size business (SMB) sector -- hasn't specifically announced a move into UC. Oviedo, however, does a good job of connecting the dots.

This article was originally published on Friday Aug 27th 2010