Podcast: High-Definition Conferencing and the Cloud

by Carl Weinschenk

The intense nature of high-definition videoconferencing presents challenges to enterprises. Tom Toperczer, vice president of marketing for Nefsis Corp., says that the cloud is best positioned to handle the heightened demands.

The five challenges of high-definition conferencing – to both the desktop and dedicated rooms – are ease of use, security/accessibility, quality, integration with collaborative tools and cost, says Tom Toperczer, vice president of marketing for Nefsis Corp. He tells Unified Communications Edge's Carl Weinschenk that cloud computing and the use of equipment that scale up as necessary are keys to meeting these challenges.
Tom Toperczer on high-definition videoconferencing and the cloud: [swf file="http://vid.itbe.com/ctoedge/ucenefsis.mp3"]
This article was originally published on Wednesday Mar 30th 2011