Podcast: Meeting the Interoperability Challenge

by Carl Weinschenk

Unified communications' fortunes are to a great extent dependent on the ability of systems from different vendors to communicate. An impressive array of important companies -- so far minus Cisco, IBM and Avaya -- have formed the Unified Communications Interoperability Forum. In this podcast, UCIF Vice President Mark Gorzynski describes the group's mission and timing and discusses the big players who haven't yet joined.

Mark Gorzynski on UCIF:�[swf file="http://vid.itbe.com/ctoedge/ucifmay242010.mp3"]

Survey after survey shows that unified communications is being implemented now, and that companies are on the verge of deploying more and deeper systems.

One of the looming problems is interoperability Systems from one vendor can't work smoothly with those from another. If that situation isn't addressed, it is a virtual certainty that UC's progress will be blunted and the sector marginalized.

Consequently, a group of companies formed the Unified Communications Interoperability Forum. The goal is to enable organizations to deploy UC platforms without worrying about what they already have installed or what systems their vendors, partners and client organizations use.

To date, Cisco, Avaya and IBM are not members. Last week, I spoke to Mark Gorzynski, who is the Chief Scientist for HP's Halo organization and Vice President of the Unified Communications Interoperability Forum. He says the group will continue to add members. Gorzynski describes how UCIF will help meet the challenge of interoperability and points to the release of a roadmap late this summer.

This article was originally published on Monday Jun 7th 2010