Podcast: The New Platform is in Place, Will Employees Use It?

by Carl Weinschenk

In some ways, deploying a unified communications platform may be the easy part. Actually getting employees to use it can be a tough process. In some cases, for instance, folks are comfortable with their established patterns and resistant to change. Mitchell Hershkowitz, practice manager for Consulting for Dimension Data, tells Site Editor Carl Weinschenk that there are many things organizations can do to encourage adoption. (Podcast time: 23:54)

A new unified communications platform can revolutionize how a company does business. But it will only do so if it is used by the employees, and used correctly. Mitchell Hershkowitz, practice manager for Consulting for Dimension Data, advocates a change or adoption management program.

The program, he said, should focus on employees' understanding of, and excitement about, the new technology and take into account how work is done today. The aim is to achieve the company's goals by fostering an understanding among employees of how the UC platform can help them do their jobs more quickly and efficiently.

Mitchell Hershkowitz on fostering use of a UC platform:  [swf file="http://vid.itbe.com/ctoedge/uceddata.mp3"]

This article was originally published on Tuesday Nov 23rd 2010