Podcast: The Shared Future of Social Computing and Unified Communications

by Carl Weinschenk

The need for business people to communicate leads them to employ a wide range of tools, whether they are sanctioned or unsanctioned. Increasingly, folks are using their Twitter, Facebook and other accounts to do their jobs. The next step is obvious -- and it's here: Nemertes Research analyst Irwin Lazar says a trend has developed that marries social computing and traditional UC platforms.

Irwin Lazar on UC and Social Computing: [swf file="http://vid.itbe.com/ctoedge/lazarapril27master3.mp3"]

Clearly, unified communications and social networking have a tremendous amount in common. A nascent trend, according to Irwin Lazar, the vice president for Communication and Collaboration Research at Nemertes Research, is to group the two on the same platform.

I spoke with Lazar earlier this week. The podcast linked to above was loosely based on a piece – Integrating Social Computing and Unified Communications -- that Lazar wrote for Network World earlier this month.

Lazar told me that making social networks and UC work together has great benefits, such as positively tagging employees that are most effective in dealing with specific issues. It is not an easy task, however. One early tactic, he says, is the creation by larger organizations of planning in which everything – from traditional voice, video and data to collaboration, social media and even document management – is represented.

Most of the successes in marrying UC and social networking are occurring in single-vendor environments. “We're at an early stage,” Lazar said.

This article was originally published on Wednesday Apr 28th 2010