Podcast: Unified Communications Is Special

by Carl Weinschenk

Unified communications is a different kettle of fish from the network management perspective. Steve Shalita, vice president of marketing for NetScout, tells Unified Communications Edge's Carl Weinschenk that the demands simply are greater when the goal is a truly collaborative environment.

The care and feeding of unified communications networks are vastly different than traditional siloed applications, since the assumption is that the platform will be used for a high level of collaboration.

This makes deeper network management procedures and tests necessary, according to Steve Shalita, vice president of marketing for NetScout. The bottom line is that unified communications is about as far from business as usual for IT departments as an email is from a streamed basketball game. "Unified communications has to perform at exceptional levels to enable its mission ... and [provide adequate] return on investment," Shalita said.

Steve Shalita on unified communications network management: [swf file="http://vid.itbe.com/ctoedge/ucenetscout.mp3"]



This article was originally published on Wednesday Jun 1st 2011