xG Technology Touts xMax Mobile VoIP's Spectrum Usage

by VoipPlanet.com Staff

xMax operates in the unlicensed spectrum and can adapt spectrum use to operating conditions.

"According to the Federal Communications Commission’s Cognitive Radio Technologies Proceeding ET Docket No. 03-108 the commission has, 'issued a Notice of Public Rulemaking regarding service rules for advanced wireless services or “cognitive radio technologies,' " writes TMCnet's David Sims.

"These technologies, as the document goes on to explain, can enable a radio device and its antenna to adapt its spectrum use in response to its operating environment: “This provides a variety of options for a radio device and antenna to identify available spectrum that is unusable under current conditions," Sims writes.

"That’s crucial to xG Technology’s xMax mobile VoIP application offering. According to company officials, it runs over unlicensed spectrum and “is the first service based on this technology. Such cognitive technologies were recommended in the recent FCC national broadband report as an area the FCC should promote," he writes.

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xG Technology Touts xMax Mobile VoIP's Spectrum Usage

This article was originally published on Thursday May 27th 2010