Transforming Internet Datacenters with Optimized Data Access

by Enterprise Networking Planet Staff

How Leading-Edge Web 2.0 and Cloud Computing Datacenters Leverage Higher Level Building Blocks to Cut TCO, Accelerate Performance, and Simplify Management

Schooner Information Technology has pioneered a new generation of highly optimized data access appliances built on the patent-pending Schooner system architecture that incorporates advanced component and middleware technology. Schooner appliances are specifically architected for Web 2.0 and cloud computing datacenters, providing 8x performance improvements over traditional servers, with 1/8th the power and space requirements, 60% lower TCO, and 100% compatibility with existing Memcached and MySQL deployments.

"With the explosive growth of Web-based businesses and applications, datacenter workloads have increased exponentially. IT managers are finding it difficult to meet the accelerating demands for performance, capacity, scalability, and reliability—while at the same time meeting budgets, maintaining service level agreements, and driving green initiatives. "New component and middleware technologies hold serious promise for accomplishing these goals, including multi-core processors, low-latency interconnect, flash memory, and highly optimized data access and caching technologies. But without optimal integration and implementation, these technologies have failed to deliver the benefits that datacenter managers and the business demand."

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This article was originally published on Thursday Apr 8th 2010