The CIO`s Guide to Cloud Computing

by Enterprise Networking Planet Staff

For most CIOs, cloud computing is relatively amorphous. For practical consideration, cloud needs to be addressed in the context of immediate issues and future opportunities for enterprise IT.

This paper (registration required) provides an overview of cloud computing, analyzes ongoing trends and provides guidelines for planning and evaluating enterprise cloud solutions, starting with private clouds—and internal cost assessments

"There’s been a thunderstorm of white noise surrounding cloud computing this year. Vendors, pundits, and analysts took center stage at industry events and in the news; everyone seems to have an opinion and definition on cloud computing. And with all the chatter came mixed messages, conflicting advice and, well, cloudiness. "There is good news: it’s time to filter out the hype and confusion. While still evolving, cloud computing is here to stay. CIOs need to be ready."

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This article was originally published on Monday Apr 19th 2010